The quarterly publication Considerations was published between 1983 and 2006.
It had an international circulation.
Over the years many excellent articles written by a host of talented astrologers appeared in its pages.

All of these articles are available here.

As each of the different writers originally gave their work freely without compensation,
in keeping with that same spirit,
each article and each of the different issues of the magazine,
including those that had become out-of-print,
are here to be read without cost.

A full index is provided of each of the different articles, by author.
Click on the issue number to go to the issue in which the article appeared.

Each issue is viewable using the index of issues provided on this website.

One After Another cover

In addition to Considerations' back issues,
Ken Gillman's new book One After Another is also now available.

One After Another introduces and describes a completely new approach to the rectification of unknown birth times and prediction using the sequence of planets in the sky at the moment of birth.

This revolutionary concept is demonstrated in the lives of well-known historical personalities. The meaningfulness of the new system is shown with the full force of mathematical certainty by the use of detailed statistical data.

The 411-page One After Another can be purchased at or Amazon Books.





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